Join trace press & Dalaala as they celebrate the art & politics of translating Arabic poetry into English. trace: translating [x] ARABIC was a 2 part series of workshops organized by trace press and facilitated by Yasmine Haj and Norah Alkharashi in 2022-2023, which brought together emerging and experienced translatorsContinue Reading

With ALQ contributor Haci Osman Gündüz (Ozzy)! Biographical dictionaries often also served as anthologies with—at times—detailed analyses of poetry and literary aesthetics. One such work is Ibn Ayyūb al-Anṣārī’s (d. 1003/1595) Kitāb al-rawḍ al- ʿāṭir which is an indispensable resource on major Damascene figures of the sixteenth century. This talkContinue Reading