In a way, the cover of the English translation of Ghada Abdel Aal’s عايزة أتجوز is completely appropriate. It looks like a Sophie Kinsella cover, and the font—to me—screams “fun!” “chick-lit!” “no straining required!”Continue Reading

The most disappointingly silent Egyptian blog—perhaps not for Abderrahmane Mustafa, author of “The Loss of Popularity of Egyptian Blogging,” but certainly for me—is Baheyya’s. Baheyya, who has a lovely writing style and an incisive literary analysis, has posted only four times since the middle of last August. Mustafa’s main concern,Continue Reading

I don’t know quite what to expect from this lit festival—this being its “first edition”—but it seems relatively well organized, if not well publicized. I do appreciate organizer Baad el Bahr’s (Over the Sea) use of homologues: The Cairo Mediterranean Literary Festival reflects an important occasion for considering the contemporaryContinue Reading