This panel aims to address the question of how resistance and trauma are conceived and practiced in prison  literature in North Africa in the years leading to and following the Arab Uprisings of 2010-2011. Speakers: Yosra Amraoui holds a PhD in English Language, Literature and Civilization from the University ofContinue Reading

“I have found that obedience and conformity in the United States are not strictly enforced or heavily guarded by armed soldiers or prisons, instead they present as a whisper, a sound vibration that crashes into your consciousness where they transform into ants that proceed to slowly and gradually eat away at your insides until they ultimately deform you after which they proceed to build you back up and mold you into what the system determines what you should become.”Continue Reading

This panel will feature a discussion with Egyptian writer Ahmed Naji about his time spent in a Cairene prison for violating public decency laws in his second novel, Using Life. Being a prisoner forced Ahmed to examine the role of literature in society; meet the fabled Average Reader and aContinue Reading