Friday Film: Based on Naguib Mahfouz’s ‘A Beginning and an End’

Bidaya wa Nihaya — which has been translated into English as The Beginning and the End — was the opening film of the MOMA’s 2012 “Mahfouz at the Movies” series:

Mahfouz was, after all, not just an important source for script material during Egypt’s film heyday, but also a scriptwriter himself.

Bidaya wa Nihaya came out in 1960, directed by Salah Abu Seif, starring Farid Shawki, Sanaa Gamil, Omar Sharif, and Amina Rizk. From MOMA: “This landmark work of Egyptian realism, the first of Abu Seif’s collaborations with Mahfouz, follows a widowed mother’s hellish struggle against poverty.”

The film was nominated for a Grand Prix at the 2nd Moscow International Film Festival in 1961, and Sanaa Gamil won a Best Supporting Actress.

Previous Friday films:

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