#WiTMonth Podcasts: Poetry and More with Iman Mersal

The 70th episode of the BULAQ podcast features Egyptian poet, writer, and researcher Iman Mersal, talking about her poetry, her award-winning In the Footsteps of Enayat al-Zayyat, her new book on accents, and more:

Meanwhile, in an August episode of the new podcast MAQSOUDA, co-hosted by Farah Chamma and Zeina Hashem Beck, the host-poets discuss Mersal’s «فكرة البيوت», or “The Idea of Houses.” In a short companion episode, Hashem Beck recites Mersal’s poem «حياة», or “Life,” from the same collection.

Listen to the Iman Mersal episode of Bulaq (English)

Listen to the Iman Mersal episode of Maqsouda (Arabic)

Poetry by Iman Mersal, in translation by Robyn Creswell:

Some things escaped me

Respect for Marx

It seems I inherit the dead

Black Fingers

Map Store

 The Idea of Houses

Raising a Glass With an Arab Nationalist

The Window

Other works in English translation by Iman Mersal include How to Mend: Motherhood And Its Ghosts, tr. Robin Moger and a forthcoming poetry collection, translated by Robyn Creswell.