Launching ‘In Focus: SUDAN’

Edited by Leonie Rau and Nashwa Gowanlock

This month, we’re launching the third section to focus on a different country or borderless region in the Maghreb or Mashreq, bringing together original poetry, fiction, and literary nonfiction by its writers; asking translators, authors, scholars, and readers to weigh in on their favorite works; and featuring pieces from our archives that reflect on the literary production of that country.

Our third focus is Sudan, with special thanks to contributors and translators Adil Babikir, Mansour El Souwaim, Ayman Bik, Lemya Shammat, Nassir al-Sayeid al-Nour, Ishraga Mustafa Hamid, Zeinab Belail, and Ann El Safi.

We launch this section with a discussion of the exciting new voices with Sudanese authors, an overview of Sudanese women’s writing, and a list of Sudanese literature available in English. Coming later this week, we have short stories by Fatima as-Sanoussi and Ibrahim Ishag, and poetry by Mughira Harbya.

We envision this as an ongoing resource. Authors and translators who would like to contribute to the section can reach us through our Submittable.

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