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Writers Select: New and Inventive Voices in Sudanese Literature

If you were to choose 4-7 titles that would represent, to you, the most interesting books (perhaps experimental, challenging, or influential in some way) written by Sudanese writers in the last 10 years, what would they be? And (perhaps more importantly) why?

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Launching ‘In Focus: SUDAN’

We launch this section with a discussion of the exciting new voices with Sudanese authors, an overview of Sudanese women’s writing, and a list of Sudanese literature available in English. Coming later this week, we have short stories by Fatima as-Sanoussi and Ibrahim Ishag, and poetry by Mughira Harbya.

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On the Suspended 2021 Khartoum International Book Fair

“The books that used to be officially banned in the ousted surveillance state, like those of  the acclaimed Sudanese novelist Abdelaziz Baraka Saki, and the bold investigative journalist and writer Fathi al-Daw, were supposed to reclaim their place in the shelves of the book fair.”

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Remembering Muhammad Wardi: Censored, Banned, and Beloved

For that reason, Wardi’s words have been at the forefront of the current Sudanese revolution. He’s recalled as a strong example of a great artist who proved strong and steadfast in opinions, words, and actions. His revolutionary-themed pieces, which document crucial chapters of Sudanese history, have been used as rallies’ chants and played on the sit-in site loudspeakers.

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