Listen: Maya Abu al-Hayyat’s ‘The Gap’

By ArabLit Staff

In celebration of Women in Translation Month (#WiTMonth), Comma Press has shared author Maya Abu al-Hayyat reading her short story “The Gap” in the original Arabic as well as in Yasmine Seale’s English translation. The story appears in the collection All Walls Collapse, ed. Will Forrester and Sarah Cleave, alongside work by Hassan Blasim, Zahra El-Hasnaui, Kyung-Sook Shin, Geetanjali Shree, Juan Pablo Villalobos, and other celebrated authors. The collection’s celebrated translators include Yasmine Seale, Daniel Hahn,, Anton Hur, Daisy Rockwell, and Rosalind Harvey.

The collection, published this June, “brings together writing from across national and linguistic borders, and reflects upon our relationship to walls, both real and metaphorical.” The specially-commissioned anthology commemorates English PEN’s centenary.

More about the collection is available on the Comma Press website.

Listen to Maya Abu al-Hayyat’s “The Gap”:

“The Gap,” Maya Abu al-Hayyat, translated by Yasmine Seale, read by the author (English)
“الفتحة,” Maya Abu al-Hayyat, read by the author (Arabic)