Sunday Submissions: Modern Poetry in Translation ‘Water’ Focus

Modern Poetry in Translation (MPT) have opened calls for submissions for its forthcoming issue, with ‘water’ as its theme. 

They write:

For our November 2023 issue, we invite new translations of poetry that relates to water. Waterways shape every culture and every language in the world. As billions around the world contend with water scarcity, floods, hurricanes, pollution of oceans, rivers, and lakes, the harms of water privatisation, the theft of water rights from indigenous peoples, and more, MPT would love to highlight poetry in translation that explores how poetics shape our imaginations as water-based creatures. We welcome poetics that hold space for both angry witness and hope, for intimate realisations in aquatic environments, or otherwise in the presence of H₂O, for both the most gargantuan and smallest-scale of waves.

Find out more, including detailed submission guidelines, here

Deadline for submissions is 11.59PM BST on September 21, 2023.