This is where you’ll find 1-10 (and an explanation of this project), and here’s 11-20, 21-30, and 31-40. Please do help me out with errors and omissions. 41 The Heron, by the Egyptian author Ibrahim Aslan, translated by Elliot Colla and published by AUC Press. Read the eloquent Baheyya’s homageContinue Reading

Please don’t think that the list below is authoritative. It doesn’t have Yahia Haqqi, for instance, because I haven’t read him. It doesn’t have Edwar Kharrat, because I’ve found the translations of him very unsatisfying. It’s not even authoritative on its own terms: my favorite things. I’m forgetful. And poetry!Continue Reading

Mansour El Souwaim was born in south Darfur in 1970, and thus must be one of the elders of the Beirut39 (39 “up and coming” Arabic authors under 40). El Souwaim has published two novels (the second of which won the Tayeb Salih Award for Creative Writing) and a collectionContinue Reading