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  • For Valentine’s Day: The Many Loves of Nizar Qabbani

    Your love has taught me… how to be sad.
    And I have needed, for ages
    A woman to make me sad
    A woman in whose arms I could weep
    Like a sparrow,

  • Haytham El Wardani: ‘Sleep is Not Defeat’

    “What happened on June 30 happened, the defeat came to pass, and it was then that I started to take the subject seriously. It’s true that the book isn’t about the revolution and its defeat but it is haunted by the political through the discussion of sleep and its attempt to escape the conventional portrayal of sleep as a surrender, a laziness, an anti-activity.”

  • Teaching with Arabic Literature in Translation: Once and Future Moroccos

    “I must say, I’ve never taught a course on Moroccan literature, until now, because I felt there hasn’t been enough work available. I feel like I’m now ready to start thinking about such a course.”

  • 2018 ArabLit Story Prize

    The ArabLit Story Prize has hit full funding and is set to open for submissions on February 15, 2018.

  • Syrian, Kurdish Writers Awarded Year-long Writing Grants in Berlin

    The two Syrians are poet-translator Abdulkadir Musa and poet-playwright Liwaa Yazji.

  • Friday Finds: ‘Raya and Sakina’s Men’

    “He was later to recall that he and his siblings had inherited four feddans of land on the death of their father, but that he had ceded his share to his mother and younger brothers, who worked it and lived off it, and would supply him in exchange with grain and ghee. But no effort was made to establish the veracity of these claims and they do not seem to match with the life he led in Alexandria.”

  • Review and Translated Excerpt of the Middle-grade Novel: ‘When Black Laughs’

    Mother laughed. “And the ox is naughty like you. Try to sleep.”

    My mother left the room and I stayed alone with the rain.

  • 3 Compelling Memoirs by Egyptian Women Forthcoming in 2018: ‘The Journey’ and Two More

    This year, at least three significant memoirs are forthcoming in translation, all of them intimately relevant to women’s lives in 2018, from #metoo to intersectionalism and global solidarity to the fraught spaces between the performance and experience of motherhood.

  • Alawiya Sobh’s ‘Maryam: Keeper of Stories’ Makes Inaugural EBRD Literature Prize Shortlist

    “The three final finalists are set to be announced in early March 2018.”

  • Teaching with Arabic Literature in Translation: Seminars in Poetry and the Free Verse Movement

    “Other labels we pick apart are ‘Literature of Resistance’ and ‘Poets of the South in Lebanon’ as examples of this labeling process that is motivated by extra-literary imperatives.”

  • Sunday Submissions: Do You Write in Arabic and Live in Canada?

    ” TAAM-TAIM’s mission is to promote the diversity of Arabic authors working in Montreal and elsewhere in Canada, by creating a network for Arabic writers and translators to meet, exchange ideas, and collaborate.”

  • Ahlam Bsharat’s ‘Code Name: Butterfly’ Chosen as 2018 Read for ‘One Book, Many Communities’ Project

    The hashtag for the campaign is: #lap1book.