New Lit Websites, New Lit Prizes

Three New Websites

Editoriaraba: Un blog per raccontare le novità editoriali del mondo arabo!

I know that a number of ArabLit’s readers come from Italy; here is an ArabLit source that does me one better: It’s in Italian. Also, a handy-dandy editorial calendar.

Kifah Libya’s Literature Section

One of the new magazine’s opening sallies was Naila Kelani’s Genres Of The “Arab Spring”: Narrating Revolutions

They say: “Kifah Libya is an independent, online magazine created to offer in-depth and critical analysis of Libyan political, social, and cultural affairs.” I’m delighted to see that this just-launched mag is making an effort to run a literature section.

We Love Arabic

This is a new site aimed at providing resources for students and teachers of Arabic. But it’s not just straight-up teaching: Ruth has recently included notes about her favorite Jordanian bookseller, as well as Arabic-lit events in London.

New £130,000 Sheikh Zayed Award for Cultural Works in non-Arabic Languages

I regret to say that I don’t have great confidence in the Sheikh Zayed Book Award (SZBA).

While it may be, as the press release says, “one of the world’s most…well-funded prizes,” I far prefer a prize where I can meet with the judges, poke them, prod them, ask them questions, turn them on their heads, spin them around…. And so on. I don’t mind disagreeing with judges’ decisions. But I don’t like feeling that there’s something opaque to a prize, like I’m being kept out of the good secrets (like why this year’s SZBA literature prize went to no one, for instance).

Be that as it may! You may still want to win £130,000, so the details are thus and such:

The category, branded as “Sheikh Zayed Award for Arab Culture in non-Arabic languages” and worth £130,000, is devised to honor best written works in English, German and Chinese languages on the subject of the Arabic civilization and culture including novels, short stories, poems, biographies, history and arts.

You can apply between now and September 30, 2012.

BTBA 2013

Well, I said “prizes,” so I thought I’d better tack on a justification for making it plural. Over at The Literary Saloon, M.A. Orthofer (judge of this year’s Best Translated Book Awards, which went to the wonderful Polish novel Stone Upon Stone, trans. Bill Johnston) tosses out some ideas about BTBA 2013, including Miral al-Tahawy’s Brooklyn Heights.