Pub Day for ‘ArabLit Quarterly Fall 2018: Beginnings’

Today is publication day for the first-ever ArabLit Quarterly:

You can get a PDF, ePub, or old-fashioned print version. The first two are available through Gumroad and the last at Blurb. Patreon supporters should have already received their promo code to download for free.

The table of contents:
The Illusion of Beginning While the World Goes on Spinning
An introduction, MLQ

‘It’s Getting Very Hot’
Stella Gaitano, translated by Anthony Calderbank

‘Dragonflies’ in Three Languages
Asmaa Azaizeh in English, French, and Dutch

Drawing the Bilingual Piano
Olivia Snaije talks to graphic novelist Zeina Abirached

‘The Flower’
Zakaria Tamer, translated by Marilyn Hacker

Dear Tayeb Salih
Sofia Samatar

Mood Music for the Apocalypse
David Kanbergs on ‘Otared’
Find the playlist at

Lamia Ziadé’s Ode to a Bygone World
By Olivia Snaije

Untitled Poem
Wadie Saadeh, translated by Suneela Mubayi

‘The Boa’
Raja Alem translated by Rana Ghuloom

‘A Story of a City’
Layla Azmi Goushey on Abdul Rahman Munif

A Homeland in Language
Hanan Natour talks to Munsif al-Wahaybi

Two Poems
Munsif al-Wahaybi, translated by Hanan Natour

‘How to Swim the Backstroke with a Shilka Missile’
Rasha Abbas, translated by Fatima El-Kalay

‘Autumn of Freedom’
Sania Saleh, translated by Marilyn Hacker

‘Our Story’
Muhammad Abdelnabi, translated by Robin Moger