Poet and Novelist Heba Abu Nada, 32, Reported Dead in Israeli Bombardment

Poet and novelist Heba Abu Nada, author of the novel Oxygen is Not for the Dead (2017), died under bombardment in Khan Yunis on Friday, the Palestinian Ministry of Culture announced.

Born in Mecca in 1991, Abu Nada studied biochemistry at the Islamic University of Gaza and completed a Master’s in clinical nutrition.

In 2017, she took second place in the Sharjah Award for Arab Creativity in the novel category for her debut, Oxygen is Not for the Dead.

Photo: Wikimedia.

Author Abdalhadi Alijla wrote on Twitter, “With great sadness we mourn one of the most talented Gaza feminist poet and novelist, Heba Abu Nada. Her novel named, ‘Oxygen is not for the dead’. She wrote yesterday,’If we die, know that we are content and steadfast, and convey on our behalf that we are people of truth.’…….. Oh gosh Heba.”