Mohamed-Salah Omri to Lead a Series of Seminars on ‘Literary Palestine’

NOVEMBER 14, 2023 — Starting tomorrow, Mohamed-Salah Omri, Professor of modern Arabic literature at the University of Oxford, is set to lead and coordinate a series of online & in-person seminars to read and discuss Palestine through its literatures.

The series “aims to participate in an inclusive and democratic decolonial education, which does not exclude forms of coloniality and anti-colonial struggles based on considerations of racial, ethnic or religious backgrounds. It does so through literature, which remains one of the most significant and relatable modes of self-representation and exploration of shared local and global human dimensions of conflict and strife.”

Each seminar will start with one text and incorporate others proposed and introduced by attendees. Omri writes: “We welcome any Palestinian literary text in Arabic, in translation or originally written in other languages, as long as a translation into English is made available.”

Suggested texts and translations should be submitted in advance of the seminar to

Texts, translations, and additional readings are available in this dedicated drive, which can be accessed only with permission.