Teaching with Arabic Literature in Translation

Teaching with Arabic Literature in Translation: Pairing Arabic Literature and Film

“Iraq is just one example, but there are so many corners of this thing we call ‘Arabic Literature’ that are worthy of more attention than they get. I hope that we will see more of this literature make its way into university reading lists.”


Teaching with Arabic Literature in Translation: The Public Lecture Series ‘Tarjamat – ترجمات’

“I think the corner stone of a good academic experience is the public lecture. Through the public lecture, the university asserts curiosity as the most essential feature of learning. When I was a student, the public lectures I attended were the key that opened the world for me, and I hope Tarjamat will open translation as a problematic for a much larger community than specialist interest in the field.”

Teaching with Arabic Literature in Translation: ‘Palestinian Literature and Film’

It’s popular to think that literature gives us a “window into the lives of others” and other similar cliches, but marginalized, stigmatized subjectivities such as the Palestinians’ aren’t a costume that we can try on and take off at our whim by opening and closing a book. The desire to better understand diverse Palestinian experiences through their literature is noble, the claim to authoritatively know Palestinians through it isn’t.