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Humphrey Davies and the ‘Tabloid Touch’ Demanded by Translating a 13th-century Charlatan

“He seems to me a truly in-between character – in between autodidact and man of letters, in between conman and upstanding citizen, in between chancer on the streets of Damascus and provincial court hanger-on in the provinces.”

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Yasmine Seale to Translate Al-Khansa for LAL Series

The poetry of Al-Khansa (~575-646) has been little-translated, although notably it appeared in the slender and beautiful chapbook of reflections Loss Sings, by author and translator James Montgomery, one of the executive editors of the Library of Arabic Literature project.

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Teaching with Arabic literature in translation

Teaching with Arabic Literature in Translation: Classical Texts That ‘Capture a Sense of Marvel, Wonder, Humor, And, Above All, Adventure’

“Firstly, these are fun texts that capture a sense of marvel, wonder, humor, and, above all, adventure. In a university setting, both of these texts get at a fundamental human problem that I enjoy highlighting: How does one write about and represent cultures and peoples other than one’s own? What pitfalls await even a sympathetic observer?”

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