Friday Finds: Excerpt of ‘The Magnificent Conman of Cairo’

By popular demand, AUC Press / Hoopoe Fiction has posted an excerpt of Waleed Almusharraf’s translation of Adel Kamel’s classic The Magnificent Conman of Cairo:

ArabLit will have more on the event of this novel’s publication, including a conversation with one of Kamel’s daughters. For now, the excerpt from Hoopoe. It opens:

MALIM SAID, “NO DOUBT.” THEN he picked up his tools and set off without a backward glance, determined, like a conqueror.

His friend just stood there with a mocking smile on his face. When Malim was a stone’s throw away, his friend called out after him: “We’ll see.”

He said this, laughed, and set off down a different path.

Keep reading the excerpt on the Hoopoe Fiction website.