Lit & Found: ‘Sudanese Novels Through Time’

Over at Kotobli, they have posted a new list; this time, of Sudanese novels through time. The list was curated by Sudanese-American writer Razan Idris, who writes:

Recommendations for Sudanese novels in English often focus on mid-century Sudan on the cusp of independence. Instead, I wanted to present a short reading list that incorporated male and female perspectives of Sudan throughout different points in time, both from northern and southern Sudanese perspectives. This list is by no means comprehensive – I wanted it to hint at all that remains untranslated from the Sudanese literary scene, and at those writers who are usually unheard abroad.

The list includes recent and forthcoming titles, such as Stella Gaitano’s Edo’s Souls, translated by Sawad Hussain, and Fatin Abbas’s Ghost Season; books from a few years back, such as Amir Tag Elsir’s The Grub Hunter, translated by William Hutchins, and Mirghani Hassan’s The General and the Frogs; and doesn’t neglect the classic by Tayeb El-Salih: Season of Migration to the North, translated by Denys Johnson-Davies.

Find the list at Kotobli.

Those interested in more literary writing from Sudan and South Sudan can also make their way through our special section,