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Lit & Found: Najwa Binshatwan’s ‘Portrait of a Libyan Scream’

Later this month, UEA Publishing Project will release Mo(a)t: Stories from Arabic, an anthology of short fiction by Arabophone writers from the African diaspora, edited by Garen Torikian and translated by Sawad Hussain and Nariman Youssef.

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Libyan Poet Khaled Mattawa: Now That We Have Tasted Hope

This weekend, Libyan-American poet Khaled Mattawa has been at New York’s Alwan for the Arts, reciting his own poems and those of other Arab poets. Among the poems he’s reciting, I imagine, is his new work, “Now That We Have Tasted Hope.”

I wouldn’t normally lift an author’s entire work, but, since its initial appearance on BBC’s The World Today, it seems to have been reposted on a number of websites. (Is that a good excuse?) Anyhow:

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