On the underground / I sit and contemplate the ceiling. / London passes over me.Continue Reading

I had no access to poison, a rope, or any sharp objects.  They confiscated any tool that would make death feasible.  Had I owned pins, I wouldn’t have been satisfied with only pricking out my eyes in the manner of King Oedipus.  They confiscated my tie, eyeglasses, belt, watch, and my wedding ring, and they placed me in a bare and cramped prison cell where it wasn’t even possible to smash my head against its walls. Continue Reading

“Cautiously, we came up with a plan.  We studied it from all possible angles. We considered all the odds and maneuvered a way around each one. We kept in mind the lessons learned from previous prisoners, the schedules of the guards and the timing of their shifts, as well as the distance between the prison cells and the nearest public street, taking particular note of where pedestrians were permitted to roam.”Continue Reading