Virtual Book Launch: Hilal Chouman’s ‘Huzn fi qalbi’

Lebanese novelist Hilal Chouman will be in conversation with Rasha Hilwi on the occasion of the launch of his new book, حزن في قلبي.

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Hilal Chouman’s ‘World of Dogs’

“The next day, he was watching a livestream on television when he saw his dream on the screen. The streets of Beirut were flooded with mounds of garbage. This was the first step, he thought. Next, the piles of rubble would appear, and the people would vanish, leaving the buildings deserted.”

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Teaching with Arabic literature in translation

Teaching with Arabic Literature in Translation: The Public Lecture Series ‘Tarjamat – ترجمات’

“I think the corner stone of a good academic experience is the public lecture. Through the public lecture, the university asserts curiosity as the most essential feature of learning. When I was a student, the public lectures I attended were the key that opened the world for me, and I hope Tarjamat will open translation as a problematic for a much larger community than specialist interest in the field.”

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