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  • Cairo Announces Second Annual Book Fair

    Still, it’s unclear whether any international publishers would be willing to come in for a second annual fair. The Amman Book Fair is already set for September 26-October 6, and the critically important Frankfurt Book Fair is October 10-14. The International Book Fair in Algiers is generally held at the end of October, with the Sharjah, Kuwait, Doha, Jeddah, and Beirut Book Fairs tightly packed in November and December. 

  • Friday Finds: Mohammad Rabie and the Horrors of ‘Otared’

    The question Rabie gets asked most often about the novel is: “Is there any hope in Otared?”

  • Lebanese Novelist Emily Nasrallah, 86

    The quiet, firm Lebanese feminist author and activist Emily Nasrallah (1931-2018) — celebrated for her debut novel Birds of September — has died.

  • ‘Returning to Haifa’: A ‘Depressing and Necessary Reminder of What Is Still at Stake’

    “It is fifty years since Kanafani wrote Returning to Haifa. Far from being a story of dispossession and degraded circumstances that feels historical, the novella and its staging came across to me as a truly depressing – and necessary – reminder of what is still at stake, so many years later.”

  • On Mahmoud Darwish’s Birthday, 13 Poems

    “It is not enough to love, for that is one of nature’s magical acts, like rainfall and thunder. It takes you out of yourself into the other’s orbit and then you have to fend for yourself. It is not enough to love, you have to know how to love. Do you know how?”

  • Egyptian Poet Nour Kamel on Brunel International African Poetry Prize’s 2018 Shortlist

    look, people just go missing here
    what could be more female than that
    to go missing with no one to claim you
    were ever there

  • Teaching with Arabic Literature in Translation: ‘Narrating Conflict’ and ‘Literary Legacies of War in Lebanon’

    “In the ‘Narrating Conflicts’ course, we think a lot about calls to empathy and how different experiments with form are trying to engage their readers / viewers / players.”

  • ‘Frankenstein in Baghdad’ Makes 2018 Man Booker International Longlist

    The shortlist of six books will be announced on April 12 at an event in London, with the winner set to be announced on May 22. 

  • Sunday Submissions: Modern Poetry in Translation’s LBGTQ+ Issue

    “Deadline for submitting to the LGBTQ+ focus: April 30th 2018.”

  • Who’s Afraid of Dead Arab Authors?

    In a recent commentary for Al Araby, الترجمة باعتبارها استشراقاً, Jordanian poet and novelist Amjad Nasser writes about translation: The piece begins with an anecdote, a time when Nasser was asked to suggest a novel to translate, and he suggested the acclaimed… Read More ›

  • Friday Finds: Juan Goytisolo – Tangier, Havana and the Treasonous Intellectual

    Waiters would greet him, “Ja’izat Nobel dyalna, our own Nobel laureate,” and set him up at a table with a pot of green tea.