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  • ‘The Critical Case of “K.”’: The Diary as a Trick

    The central theme of “K.” is much stronger than most literature coming from the Gulf.

  • Emily Drumsta Wins PEN Heim Grant to Translate Nazik al-Malaika’s ‘Revolt Against the Sun’

    Each of the 13 winning translators will receive $2,800 help them finish their project. 

  • Sunday Submissions: Four ALTA Awards

    The “Cliff Becker Book Prize in Translation” is for an unpublished book-length manuscript of poetry in translation. The deadline for awards submissions is April 16, 2018, at 11:59pm EST.

  • ‘Pirates, Dragons, Magicians, and Vampires from the Heart of Bahrain’

    “The English self-publishing scene in Bahrain is going strong, I believe. The more writers believe in themselves and push through the shell that keeps them from taking on huge challenges, the better for the country as a whole. Part of my mission is to enable more Bahraini authors to publish their books (whether through lectures, blogs or whatever).”

  • Friday Finds: ‘The Mediterranean Sea Drowns in the Immigration Department’

    “You emerge from behind the scenes, I emerge from behind the nightmares, smiling as if the war hasn’t eaten my brother, and in those days, when my Syrian friends were dying under torture, my European friends were gently withdrawing from my wound which scratched their white lives and didn’t conform in any way to accepted Western criteria of what constitutes pain.”

  • Poet Lena Khalaf Tuffaha on Her Relationship Status with English: ‘It’s Complicated’

    “My grandfather, Husni Fariz, was the poet laureate of Jordan. I used to relish the chance to sit at his desk and “write poems,” terrible poems in Arabic, ones that tried desperately to rhyme.”

  • For Valentine’s Day: The Many Loves of Nizar Qabbani

    Your love has taught me… how to be sad.
    And I have needed, for ages
    A woman to make me sad
    A woman in whose arms I could weep
    Like a sparrow,

  • Haytham El Wardani: ‘Sleep is Not Defeat’

    “What happened on June 30 happened, the defeat came to pass, and it was then that I started to take the subject seriously. It’s true that the book isn’t about the revolution and its defeat but it is haunted by the political through the discussion of sleep and its attempt to escape the conventional portrayal of sleep as a surrender, a laziness, an anti-activity.”

  • Teaching with Arabic Literature in Translation: Once and Future Moroccos

    “I must say, I’ve never taught a course on Moroccan literature, until now, because I felt there hasn’t been enough work available. I feel like I’m now ready to start thinking about such a course.”

  • Sunday Submissions: Announcing the 2018 ArabLit Story Prize

    The ArabLit Story Prize has hit full funding and is set to open for submissions on February 15, 2018.

  • Syrian, Kurdish Writers Awarded Year-long Writing Grants in Berlin

    The two Syrians are poet-translator Abdulkadir Musa and poet-playwright Liwaa Yazji.