Naguib Mahfouz Medal Winner Huzama Habayeb’s Full Address

If we allow ourselves to peel off assumptions, biases, “moral lessons,” the sins of ideology, and the lie of the triumph of good and truth over evil and injustice, we will be surprised by the turn of the narrative.


Palestinian Poet Asmaa Azaizeh Wins Tajwaal Grant

“The project brings together ten poets from the Arab world, Spain and Catalonia, selected by a committee of experts from the Arab world and Spain, and invites them to compose works on a specified theme. These are then translated by a team of professional translators in a workshop that is held in Barcelona.”


It’s Pub Day for Ghayath Almadhoun’s Acerbic, Relentless ‘Adrenaline’

“Massacre is a dead metaphor that is eating my friends, eating them without salt.”


Mazen Maarouf: At the Intersection Between Surrealism and Fantasy

“In an Arabic cultural scene that’s full of novels about political and societal issues, Maarouf gives us a chance to breathe and taste something different[.]”


Imprisoned Palestinian Poet Ashraf Fayadh Wins PEN Canada One Humanity Award

“This award reminds Fayadh, his family, his supporters, and most importantly, his jailers, that his colleagues will continue advocate for his right to freedom of expression until he is released.”


Friday Finds: Hisham Bustani’s ‘Crossing,’ Translated by Maia Tabet

“You cross the bridge suspended over the canal. Colored ships slowly glide across the surface of blue waters below. Now and then, from beyond the hills of fine sand, a date palm emerges, a village, some people. Fish dart across the lake and a swarthy, dusty child poses for the camera, stick in hand.”


‘Rebellion of Silence’: New Work by Poet-on-trial Dareen Tatour

Blue –

Like the anger of the waves.

I broken my silence,

Only for bitterness to build a settlement in my heart!


‘A Blade of Grass’: Support Ashraf Fayadh, Dareen Tatour, and New Palestinian Poetry

The grant has allowed Smokestack to pay a small contributors’ fee of £10 a page, but the crowdfunding campaign seeks to “increase this fee to a more professional rate; to cover design and printing costs for the book; and to raise money toward the legal fees of Ashraf Fayadh and Dareen Tatour, both currently imprisoned, respectively in Saudi Arabia and Israel, on charges related to their poetry.”


Should Roger Waters #NametheTranslator in Song Written Around Darwish Poem?

“And the translator is once again invisible, almost incidental. Not only is s/he anonymous but, because the lyrics are not even presented as the translation that they – for the most part – are, their creative labour is totally brushed aside.”


35 Years Later: Memory and Violence in Literary Sabras and Shatilas

As every year, ArabLit revisits.


‘A Poet’s Hallucinations,’ by Dareen Tatour

Desire builds a nest

Between the branches of my love.

It sings like a bulbul, night and day

And sweeps through me like fire through straw.


A New Translation of Palestinian Poet Dareen Tatour’s ‘I… Who Am I?’

I am Me…

A storm of angry waves at sunset,

Its breathing strangled in the grip of the winds.

But as I draw near the question pulls away,

And I keep on asking: “Who am I?”