‘The Bird Tattoo’: Between Horror and Peace in the Sinjar Mountains

"In the quiet, slow-growing love between Elias and Helen, the reader experiences the polar opposite of the slave market and the horrors in Ayash's house."

#WiTMonth Conversations: Poet Dunya Mikhail on Her Debut Novel, ‘The Bird Tattoo’

"I was not sure about how good or bad of an idea it was to publish my book (the Arabic original at least) during this pandemic time, but I thought: What about the babies who will be delivered now? I know timing a book is easier than timing a life, but we can never guarantee what happens later; there’s always risk no matter what we do."

2010 Arab American Book Awards: When Did This Happen?

I just heard about the Arab American Book Awards yesterday, via Asia Writes. I guess I missed the announcement in Publishing Perspectives, and anywhere else it might've run. Perhaps the winners were announced in late May? That would be fitting, I think, since the "Adult Fiction" winner was Etel Adnan, and it seemed that May … Continue reading 2010 Arab American Book Awards: When Did This Happen?