“Every language carries a world, so a translated work will inevitably experience a transformation. That can be magical. And if you are lucky enough to have a skilled translator, their art will extend the body of your poems.”Continue Reading

This workshop with poet and writer Nathalie Handal brings together an interdisciplinary community to explore the intersection of two research agendas (1) thematically, the study of violence and insecurity, broadly-understood; and (2) methodologically, the theory and practice of varied forms of story-telling as a way of accessing and expressing lived experience and human understanding.Continue Reading

I don’t want to borrow too much from Palestinian-American poet Nathalie Handal‘s “Freedom,” published this week in Guernica. But I did want to make sure you saw the poem. It requires no introduction. Freedom                The Arab Revolt 2011 The story begins with a song— it’s stubborn, breaks air intoContinue Reading

If you’re looking for it, there are a number of places to seek out excellent Arab American poets. They are celebrated individually (Khaled Mattawa just won a major poetry award) and as a group, as in the most recent Banipal (38).Continue Reading