Monday Poetry: Ghareeb Iskander’s ‘Great Perplexity’

Iraqi poet and scholar Ghareeb Iskander lives and writes in London: Great Perplexity By Ghareeb Iskander Translated by Salma Harland * In translating Derek Walcott, Words stalk Like egrets do In his later poems, Where he wanted To speak of regret But was overshadowed with delight In a frenzy “like a shallop with a staved-in … Continue reading Monday Poetry: Ghareeb Iskander’s ‘Great Perplexity’

Reading T.S. Eliot in Arabic: A Talk with Ghareeb Iskander

"Saadi Youssef, in his introduction to the translation of Song of Myself, criticizes those who described Whitman as a "Sufi" poet, but he uses mystic language in his translation of Whitman’s masterpiece. It’s fascinating how a text was read and transformed into different forms and styles."