The new event series ‘AGYA Literary Salon’ hosts both established and emerging Arab and German authors to discuss their literary careers, visions, and latest works. The Salon especially aims to introduce new literary talents and unknown texts to the public, presenting new thoughts, expressing human values, and providing a sourceContinue Reading

Yet Iraqi literature continues, somehow, to blossom. There are older writers Fadhil al-Azzawi and Muhammad Khudayyir still at work (although the former in exile), and much younger ones, too: Thirtysomething Iraqi Hassan Blassim has been called “perhaps the best writer of Arabic fiction alive.”Continue Reading

CAIRO I think tonight, June 11, I’m going to the signing of Khaled al-Berry’s new novel (I have strongly recommended his memoir, Life is More Beautiful Than Paradise). I don’t see anything about it on Kotob Khan’s website—where the signing is supposed to be?—but if there’s no signing, I guessContinue Reading