Mustafa Taj Alden Almosa’s ‘How Kind They Are,’ Tr. Maissa Tanjour & Alice Holttum

"They arrested me yesterday evening. The patrol head greeted me in his own way, and I was very surprised: instead of shaking my hand, he warmly shook my face with his fist, causing one of my teeth to fly from my mouth and land on the street."

2021 ArabLit Story Prize: Shortlisted Translator Katherine Van de Vate on Great Storytelling

"“The Baffling Case of the Man Called Ahmet Yilmaz” was actually written at my request. Karima is primarily a novelist, though she published an award-winning collection of short stories at the age of only 18. I asked Karima if she had any short stories I could translate, and she wrote this one in response to my question. It was based on an event she heard about while she was working as a journalist in Istanbul."