Tunisian Author and Activist Lina Ben Mhenni, (1983-2020)

She wrote up until the very end -- about her illness, about Baghdad, and about Tunisian politics -- publishing her final post on the popular "A Tunisian Girl" blog Sunday.

New Fiction: An Excerpt from Alia Mamdouh’s IPAF-longlisted ‘The Tank’

Much as in old photo albums, we the undersigned—the Ayoub A.L. family—gradually appear either standing together, or behind one another, or in front, or a little further off. We thought it better to let our mother Makiah sit on a chair, as she can’t stand for long, even if it’s for a photo. Beside her is Auntie Fatihiya, and then the younger auntie, Saneea. Our grandmother Bebe Fatim has no place among us; she stayed upstairs.