Pub Day: Adania Shibli’s ‘Minor Detail,’ Tr. Elisabeth Jaquette

"Aside from these, nothing at all, just a great expanse of the arid Negev desert, over which crouched the intense August heat."

Teaching with Arabic Literature in Translation: The Creative Writing Workshop

"If in the classroom you’re able to compare multiple translations of a single work, and/or read essays by translators on their craft, this offers rich and rigorous examples of how choices are made on the level of word, phrase, syntax, diction, metaphor, image, so on. Such examples of precision and multiplicity are ideal for student writers."

New Arabic Literature & Politics Website, Qadita, Launches

An exciting new Arabic website launched yesterday, shepherded into being by Palestinian-Israeli author Ala Hlehel and Palestinian-Israel journalist and culture critic Anton Shalhat, Ha'aretz reported. Similar in some ways to the Arabic literary website, Qadita---named for a village in Upper Galilee destroyed by Israeli forces in 1948---is younger, faster, more challenging, and has fresher … Continue reading New Arabic Literature & Politics Website, Qadita, Launches