Rather than just asking, which would be the dull way to go, I’m going to guess that the Amir Tag El-Sir is an excerpt from his IPAF-shortlisted (and critically acclaimed) The Hunter of Chrysalises.  I’ll guess Alexandra Chreiteh’s submission is an excerpt, trans. Michelle Hartman, of Always Coca Cola, forthcomingContinue Reading

An oft-repeated saying holds that “Egypt writes, Lebanon publishes, and Iraq reads.” Unfortunately, while Egyptians still write and the Lebanese still publish, Iraqi literacy rates have plummeted in the last two decades, on the heels of a blockade and two Anglo-led wars. While once a shining light of regional literacyContinue Reading

Seif Salmawy, director at the recently launched Bloomsbury-Qatar publishing house, recently sent out an update re:  Arabic books the house will publish in English next year. I would say these are three pop titles (thriller, sci fi, women’s lit), and one literary crossover. Vertigo by Ahmed Mourad From BQ: A photographerContinue Reading

That’s the headline from the UAE-based Khaleej Times, and it’s certainly the headline for me, too. I know almost nothing about Saudi literature, except that there have been a number of “behind the veil, under the covers” novels of late from anonymous Saudi women. Of course, these are not those.Continue Reading

Well, perhaps this one was a bit morbid: The “Five Before You Die” was a feature we ran back in the summer 2010; by now, there are now many more great Arabic books available in translation, but this remains a strong list from translators, authors, critics, and publishers. Shakir MustafaContinue Reading