I say that I’m not afraid/of dying because I haven’t/ yet had the experience/ of death’Continue Reading

If you’re looking for it, there are a number of places to seek out excellent Arab American poets. They are celebrated individually (Khaled Mattawa just won a major poetry award) and as a group, as in the most recent Banipal (38).Continue Reading

I just heard about the Arab American Book Awards yesterday, via Asia Writes. I guess I missed the announcement in Publishing Perspectives, and anywhere else it might’ve run. Perhaps the winners were announced in late May? That would be fitting, I think, since the “Adult Fiction” winner was Etel Adnan,Continue Reading

The Daily Star reports today that Etel Adnan, “the octogenarian grande-dame of Lebanese arts and letters” is “going through something of a moment.” The sentence made me a bit worried about Adnan, but apparently it’s not that sort of moment. Two of her books have been re-issued: the classic SittContinue Reading