Tickets to the digital event begin at $10, and while the full program will be announced in November, the website promises events for children, panel discussions, music, workshops, poetry, cooking demonstrations, readings, and more. Continue Reading

It’s popular to think that literature gives us a “window into the lives of others” and other similar cliches, but marginalized, stigmatized subjectivities such as the Palestinians’ aren’t a costume that we can try on and take off at our whim by opening and closing a book. The desire to better understand diverse Palestinian experiences through their literature is noble, the claim to authoritatively know Palestinians through it isn’t.Continue Reading

I’m a bit late in finding it, but Claire Falcon on FREE THE BLOG apparently wrote about Adania Shibli and Ala Hlehel’s Beirut39 reading in London last month. There were the sorts of questions and answers to be expected (Don’t you want dialogue with Israeli authors? When they recognize myContinue Reading