From Tareq Imam’s IPAF-shortlisted ‘The Cairo Maquette’

Tareq Imam’s The Cairo Maquette, shortlisted for this year’s International Prize for Arabic Fiction, explores the lives of three main characters: Uriga, Noud, and Billiards.

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Tareq Imam: ‘The Writer Has Become Everyone’s Target’

“Translators have approached me in the past about translating my work into English, but it didn’t come to anything because I wasn’t comfortable with some of their editorial suggestions, such as amplifying a particular aspect of the text or emphasizing an element to which I hadn’t given prominence.”

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The Trouble with Tareq Imam

Last week, there was quite a flap in the Egyptian literary world as the country’s State Incentive Award went to Tareq Imam’s The Serenity of Killers (Dar Merit)—but then was snatched back on the pretext that Imam had already won a (Sawiris, second-place) award for the book.

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