Agitated Air – Poems After Ibn Arabi

Join Yasmine Seale, Robin Moger, and Marina Warner for a reading and conversation of “Agitated Air – Poems After Ibn Arabi.”

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Translation’s Agitated Mirror

“Perhaps each iteration of the poem is a supplicant, yearning for a connection with Ibn Arabi’s original. Or perhaps each one is a lover, longing to see itself in another. Perhaps they are both.”

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On Translation, Poetry

Yasmine Seale and Robin Moger on Co-translating Ibn Arabi

According to Moger, the two poet-translators “will be presenting their correspondence-in-translations of poems from Ibn Arabi’s Tarjuman Al Ashwaq, as well as projects of their own, to discuss the process of translation in terms of communion and distance, frustration and aspiration, constraint and freedom, and of voices lost and made.”

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