“There’s a real novelty to seeing modern Egyptian life illustrated like this because it’s not as common as people think and most of us haven’t grown up with it, and I know that because I enjoy it too. It’s the joy of representation in its most literal form; visual representation for the sake of its own existence.”Continue Reading

This is part of a special section on self-translation. By Deena Mohamed * Deena Mohamed is an Egyptian illustrator and designer. Her graphic novel trilogy Shubeik Lubeik was awarded Best Graphic Novel and the Grand Prize of the Cairo Comix Festival (2017). The English translation has been acquired by PantheonContinue Reading

In this special section on self-translation, authors and author-translators Mona Kareem, Khalid Lyamlahy, Deena Mohamed, Dunya Mikhail, and Ali Shakir reflect on what it means to transport their own writing from one of their languages to another. Continue Reading

Throughout the workshop, she emphasized that the language one writes in matters, because it makes an immediate claim about audience: “It’s not that I was bothered by translation so much as that it’s stuff that’s not meant for you . . . I didn’t want to be giving [Egyptians] secondhand content.”Continue Reading