Global Arabic Humanities – Sheikh Zayed Book Award

The Sheikh Zayed Book Award and SOAS are organising an event on “Global Arabic Humanities” featuring Dr. Muhsin J. Al-Musawi, Adam Talib, and Prof. Xue Qingguo, moderated by Prof. Wen-chin Ouyang.

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Wen-chin Ouyang on Bringing Together Arabic أدب and Chinese 文

“I have been thinking of bringing Arabic adab (أدب) and Chinese wen (文) together in a comparative project and look at the ways in which the very value of the humanities today–that educated individuals are more than the money they make and the goods and services they produce; rather, it is about the problems they help solve and the way in which they interact with the wider world—has always been an integral part of thought and action in human history.”

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